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Fabian Gras Martinez lived to bring positive experiences to children. She loved the theatre and saw the value of theatre in positively shaping a child’s future. She actively became involved with Slidell Little Theatre’s Young Actors Theatre of Slidell (YATS) program which provides a theatre experience for children from age 4 through graduating High School Seniors.

Ms. Fabian co-coordinated the YATS program for 10 years, touching the lives of well over 2,000 children. Her desire to bring the benefits of theatre to all inspired her to co-found the Mini-YATS program which starts children at age 4 in the YATS program. Her dedication to the youth of Slidell through YATS was second to none.

Upon her untimely passing, a memorial fund was established to provide a needs-based tuition assistance program for participants wanting to join the YATS program. Each year the memorial fund supports children who would not have had the opportunity to attend YATS and obtain this wonderful experience. Donations are always welcome and can be made by sending a check made payable to SLT-Remember Fabian and mailed to:

Slidell Little Theatre
C/O Remembering Fabian Memorial Fund 
P O Box 969
Slidell, LA 70459
You can also make a donation by clicking here

Remember Fabian: Tuition Assistance Requirements

Criteria for Eligibility

  1. This is need-based tuition assistance. Please complete the Tuition Assistance Form. To print the form, click on the link, right click with your mouse and click print. 
  2. All parts of the application should be completed and submitted by the identified deadline date.
  3. Parent/Guardian: Please complete the personal data sheet about your student, provide family financial information, and include a statement about why the parent/guardian is requesting assistance.
  4. Student: Student (age 8 years and above) please write and submit a sentence or paragraph explaining why you would like to participate in the YATS summer program.
  5. Recommendation: A letter of recommendation from an adult who knows the student must accompany the application. This adult should know the student from school, community activity, or faith-based programs. 

Completed applications should be received by the REMEMBERING FABIAN Tuition Assistance Committee by 5/15/2022.

Completed applications will be reviewed and selections made by the Committee. You will be notified of the reviewed/selection results. Note: Partial applications will be disqualified.

For Additional Information


Mail completed application to:



PO BOX 969


Remember Fabian: Donation Information

The Remembering Fabian Fund will be used to provide community-wide tuition assistance for children to learn more about Theatre by participating in Slidell Little Theatre’s renowned youth program – the Young Actors Theatre of Slidell, or YATS.

This tuition assistance fund will fulfill Fabian Gras Martinez dream of fostering Theatre education to St. Tammany Parish’s youth.  A tax-deductible donation to the fund can be sent to Remembering Fabian, P.O. Box 402, Slidell, LA 70459. Make checks payable to SLT-Remember Fabian.

For information or questions, contact us by email at: