Audition Tips From Julie Generes for Twelfth Night

1. Read the play. Please. Not just the Spark Notes. The actual play.

2. No singing audition necessary, even if you are auditioning for the one singing role. If needed, I may ask you to sing acapella a few bars of something simple

3. Please no flip flops at auditions, and wear comfortable clothes.

4. Auditions will consist of cold reads from the play, so you will fare better if you keep #1 in mind, and the material is not foreign territory. Sides will be in the lobby before auditions.No audition monologue is needed. If you cannot audition on the assigned day, call me and I can do a private one. 985-290-0760.

5. A couple roles will be doubled up, and two characters have been eliminated entirely from the play. So anyone showing up specifically to play Fabian (and why would you be) will be sadly disappointed.

6. Breathe. I don’t bite. I have been where you are. I get the anxious thing. Ask to try again if you feel you have practically vomited on stage.

7. I will cast men as women and women as men if I need to, except in places where it must be a certain way (brother and sister twins for example).

8. Shakespeare’s comedies are raucous and bawdy. You must be 17 and up for this one. I will, however, be considering ANYONE above that age for the roles regardless of age. My concept for the show allows this. For example, if you are 80 years old and wish to play Sebastian, I will most definitely entertain the idea.

9. This is a smaller Shakespeare show. Please do not egg my house if you are not cast. People who have auditioned for me in the past and not gotten a role - please come out. I like to rotate. If you are new to the theatre, consider taking a smaller role if offered. It’s how we observe and give you bigger ones next time.

10. Conflicts. Please try not to have any. Even one throws off the schedule and is a nightmare for me and the production team. If you have them, list EVERY SINGLE ONE on the conflict sheet at auditions. And because someone always asks- (really) I cannot cast you if you have a conflict on a performance night. #lolomgkillme.

Good luck to All!