"The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee"

Ashley Krieger, Director is excited to announce 

the cast for our next main stage production: 

Character Descriptions:

Must be 18+ years old to audition.

Any of the following roles are not dependent on gender of the auditioner. Character gender will remain as written in the script, unless stated as gender fluid and will be decided upon with casting.

The Adults:

Rona Lisa Peretti: Former Spelling Bee champ returning as the moderator. She is devoted to “the Bee.” Actor who portrays this role must have good comic timing and be quick as there is some audience interaction. (Vocal Range B3-F5)

Mitch Mahoney: Official “Comfort Counselor” who has no comforting inclinations. An ex-convict doing community service who winds up caring for the students. Gender fluid. (Vocal Range E4-A5)

Douglas Panch: Vice Principal who suffered an emotional set back but circumstances have him returning as judge for “the Bee.” Actor who portrays this role must have good comic timing and be quick as there is some audience interaction.

The Spellers:

Logainne Schwartzandgruneniere: Youngest speller but most politically astute, driven by desire to please her two fathers. A bit of a neat freak. Speaks with a lisp. (Vocal Range A3-F5)

Marcy Park: Recently transferred. Total overachiever, type-A personality. Excels at everything except being a kid. (Vocal Range C4-E5)

Olive Ostrovsky: New to “the Bee.” Typical latchkey kid. Starts out very shy and introverted and blossoms during course of the show and develops feelings for William. (Vocal Range B3-F5)

Chip Tolentino: Athletic/Boy Scout, Big Man On Campus type and last year’s winner. Has it all together until puberty steps in. (Vocal Range C4-B5)

Leaf Coneybear: A bit of an ADHD kid who is home-schooled with his hippie parents and multiple siblings, he has no self-confidence but a pure heart and soul. Has lucked into being a contestant at ‘the Bee.” (Vocal Range A3-A5)

William Barfee (pronounced BAR-FAY, he insists): A mess of allergies and tics and perhaps a bit of Asperger’s and no social skills whatsoever, he was a finalist last year and is back. Develops feelings for Olive. (Vocal Range E4-B5)


Below is the link for audition music
  • Please make sure to view the document to see what character sings what. 
  • There will not be a monologue or additional song needed. 
  • Be familiar with the songs- use YouTube if needed. You will have a chance to review the music with a piano before you audition. 
  • The documents do not include accompaniment, only the vocal line. 
  • Bringing the music onstage to use for words is fine, but be familiar enough so that it does not inhibit your acting.



"The Great American Trailer Park Christmas Musical"



“The Trial of the Big, Bad Wolf”


"Twelfth Night"

Congrats to the cast of Twelfth Night





Director Larry Johnson is thrilled to announce the cast for Annie!