Auditions for "FENCES" will be held on August 4, 2019 (Sunday) at 6:00pm and August 5, 2019 (Monday) at Slidell Little Theater on the Allen Little Stage.
Characters in the play are as follows:

ROSE MAXSON - wife of TROY, from age 35- 60, African-American
TROY MAXSON - garbage man, from age 40-65, African-American
JIM BONO - garbage man, best friend of Troy- from age 40-65, African-American
LYONS - older son of Troy from previous marriage, musician, from age 25-30, African-American
GABRIEL- brother of Troy, from age 40-65, African-American, suffers from head wound incurred WWII.
CORY- Son of Troy & Rose, from age 15-18, African-American
RAYNELLE- daughter of Troy , from age 5-10, African-American

Please contact Will Williams at 985-285-7379 or e-mail
This play is set in 1957.


Here are Director, Nicholas Smith's audition tips for "Tuck Everlasting":



Familiarity with the musical is mandatory. When auditioning for a show it is always good to have an idea of what you are auditioning for. The best place to start your research is on the Samuel French website under Tuck Everlasting. You can find many things on this website including the OBC Album, Character Descriptions and video examples of the show.   


The Audition cuts will be available before auditions. Show up to the audition knowing what you are singing…… Don’t Learn it right before your Audition.  


Auditions start at 10:00am please arrive at least 20 minutes prior to fill out your audition forms. We will begin promptly at 10:00am. It also gives you time to get the jitters out before seeing us.


During your vocal audition, dress like it's a job interview. When it's time to dance, please wear attire comfortable enough to move in; however, keep in mind that we are looking at how you move so please don't wear anything over-sized. Ladies need to bring character shoes, men just need Dress shoes or character shoes. Your attire is the first thing we see before you even speak your name - make that first impression count!


If you are only willing to play certain roles, please note it on the audition form. If you have conflicts, please note them on the audition form. Should you want to edit your audition form during auditions, you will be allowed to during the transition from singing to dancing. Performers that add several conflicts or drop after not being honest on their audition form are no fun. Be fun.


It's all about you. Focus on presenting yourself and your gift rather than worry about what the production staff is thinking. Also, don't worry about the other performers at the audition - they are just as nervous as you are. Relax and set yourself up for a good audition. We are watching you be you on a bare stage - go for it!


Play to your OWN strengths and gifts. Google different productions of performers making the roles their own for inspiration. Don't be afraid to sing alternate notes or rhythms here and there as long as you make us believe in it. This is your 30-second solo-concert and we are all ears.


If your eyelash falls off, if your heels break, if you crack on a note or if you mess up a lyric...... just keep going. We have been in your shoes and know what auditioning feels like, but you can't start over during a real show. Let your gift shine through no matter what.


Come to the audition ready to show that you can have fun on stage with both dancing and singing. This show will have a lot of movement. Be ready to show us some character right away!


Your audition starts the minute you enter the parking lot: smile, say ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ always. Please also watch what you say/post on social media before/during/after the audition.”